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abcDB Professional v6.0 6.0

abcDB Professional v6.0 6.0

abcDB Professional v6.0 Publisher's Description

abcDB Professional Database v6.0 for Pocket PC devices offers incredible power for those who need it, and at the same time, a simplicity that anyone can appreciate. Version 6.0 includes the following new features: · COMPLETELY rewritten to improve performance and ease the transition to new devices in future releases. · Ability to open multiple forms, queries and tables simultaneously. · Unlimited controls per form. · Form designer now includes user-definable ?grid lines` to make designing forms easier. · Multiple new commands allowing your application to read and write to the pocketpc registry. · Background and foreground color can now be set for button controls · Powerful integration with ?Microsoft Pocket Outlook`. You can now access/delete/modify your Outlook data right from within your abcDB application! · Dozens of new commands and functions · Treeview control · New ?event`s ? KeyPress, OnPaint · Image controls now support JPG, GIF, and BMP image types · Scribble control now allows you to save your data to a ?memo` field in your database table · User definable color schemes allows you to run abcDB in whatever colors you like the most! · For the more advanced abcDB users, there is a new DEBUG menu option which allows you to ?debug` your forms code by running the code line-by-line. This feature makes is MUCH easier to find and ?squash` those pesky programming bugs. · When designing forms, you can now select multiple controls and align them and size them. This makes designing forms MUCH easier and more efficient. Now supports Auto-Increment, Random ID, and GUID field types. Greatly improved Script Editor. Now while designing forms, you can create use the query builder while building commands. New CAPTION() function allows the captions of Labels and Command buttons to be changed at runtime RUNUPDATE() function allows you to execute the equivalent of UPDATE queries. (UPDATE queries are not natively supported by the Microsoft PocketPC Database engine) New SCRIBBLE object allows you to capture signatures and other free hand drawings and save the results in an OLE field. (See the associated SCRIBSAVE, SCRIBFSAVE, SCRIBCLEAR functions) Every FORM now has a user defineable TIMER event (See the associated TIMER() function) New IMAGE object allows you to display BMP files from within your forms. (See associated IMAGE() function) Ability to define the FORMATTING properties of your textboxes to either PERCENTAGE or CURRENCY. Now DROPREFRESH() will also allow you to refresh a dropdown control with a hardcoded list of items. Forms now contain PASSWORD protection. See the PASSWORD property found in the FORMS properties. Forms now have a total work area of approx 8.5" Wide by 12" Long. New WINDOWPOS() function allows you to position the viewable portion of your form to an alternate location. New ZORDER() function allows you to bring controls to the front or send controls to the back at runtime. RNDID() function will return a random number suitable for use in AutoID-Random field types (MS Access specific) NEXTID() function will return the next ID value from the given table/field. PRINT() function will now allow you to PRINT your form at runtime. (NOTE: Print Enabled Version of abcDB Only!) ONCLICK() event now added to LABELS. EVAL() function implemented which allows you to return the result of math calculations (ie. EVAL("1+2+3") would return 6) POWERPICK() function allows you to quickly display a list of items for your users to choose from.

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